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Free music downloads

Here's some Hypnotic Clambake MP3's for you to enjoy!

Square Dance Messiah (MP3) - The title track from
the "Square Dance Messiah CD.

Black Wedding (MP3) - This is track #9 from the "Frozen Live CD."

Niagara Falls (MP3) - This is track #2 found on the "Rutland Live CD Set" side B. It was recorded live 12/31/99 in the Gymnasium Theater in Rutland, VT.

Kent the Zen Master (MP3) - The title track from the "Kent the Zen Master CD."

500 Robots (MP3) The lead track from the "Mayonnaise CD."

Gondola to Heaven (MP3) - The title track from the "Gondola to Heaven CD."
Presently available for download at

Varicose Brain (MP3) The title track from the "Varicose Brain CD."

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