Maury Rosenberg - Band Director, Accordion, Keyboards/Piano, Lead Vocals.

Maury, originally from Long Beach, NY, graduated from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. He then became a rehearsal pianist with the Boston Ballet and has since performed with world-renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma and vertuosic clarinetist Glenn Dickson. As an accordionist with Border Patrol, Maury's song writing attracted the attention of well-known musician David Lindley, who produced two of Maury's original works in the studio. Woody Allen used piano performances of Maury playing with the Shirim Klezmer Orchestra, in his movie Deconstructing Harry. Maury is the founder and leader of Hypnotic Clambake.

JoAnn Vaccaro - Electric Guitar, Harmonica, Scrub Board, Kazoo & Vocals.

JoAnn is a singer-songwriter from Rochester, NY. While her musical style is hard to fit into a single genre, she has been placed in the category of folk rock and is often compared to such pop music artists as Ani Difranco, Tori Amos, and Joni Mitchell. Vaccaro has a very distinct guitar style characterized by finger-picking and flamenco-like strumming patterns. Her vocal lines range from sultry blues and jazz to rock, with lyrics which ignite out of an intense flare for poetry and ability to speak her mind. Don't miss her!

Chris Reynolds - Bass, Electric and Acoustic Guitars and Vocals.

After many years of touring around the country, Hypnotic Clambake has accumulated a vast collection of bugs in the grille of their RV. One day we removed one of the larger bugs, nursed it back to health, and soon discovered that it could actually play guitar. It's name, we discovered, is Chris Reynolds, a self taught guitar player out of Rochester, NY. He has played with many improv-based Rochester bands such as Kernal Wah, and Blac Ocean. He can also occasionally be heard on Chuck Miller's, Headspace radio show. Chris has vowed to stay away from the RV grille from now on...

Tim Hull - Tenor sax, Soprano Sax, Clarinet and penny whistles.

Tim majored in Sound Recording Technology at SUNY Fredonia, where he was taught by grammy-winning producer
Dave Fridmann
(Flaming Lips). He also studied Saxophone and improvisation with New Zealander Bruce Johnstone (of Maynard Fergusen Band). While touring with the Fredonia Jazz ensemble, Tim was a featured arranger and soloist. Tim Hull's musicianship is outstanding and is a welcome voice at Hypnotic Clambake shows.

Mark Phillips - Drums and Backing Vocals.

Although he calls Western New York his home, Mark has developed a taste for the world and music through his 28 years of drumming experience. It all began when he was 12 years old, setting up hard-covered books as a make shift drum kit and teaching himself how to play. When he was old enough, he began performing regularly, and has carried this passion through out his career.
Mark has always been drawn to all styles of music. As a teenager he played with various types of musical artists from young metal bands to seasoned blues musicians. This along with private lessons and practice set a great foundation for his future. To further develop his skills, Mark studied under Mike Plouffe, a drummer out of Rochester, NY who studied in New York City under the guidance of world renowned drummer, Dave Weckl.
With these fundamental teachings and an adventurous spirit , Mark was ready to set out to start his career as a professional drummer. Through his years of touring Mark has become proficient in various drumming techniques including rock, reggae,jazz, funk, bluegrass, Middle Eastern, Bulgarian, Zydeco, Klezmer and Celtic, he brings his talents back home to share with those looking to strive towards the same dream; of tasting the world of music.

Talented artists that have collaborated with Hypnotic Clambake include:

Alex Reeder (tuba)
Allan Chaffe (drums)
Aimee Jane Lane (vocals, scrubs, cowboy hat)
Andrew Murdock (engineer)
Scott Barken (guitar)
Bill Brennenstul (drums)
Billy Constable (banjo, violin, mandolin, vocals)
Bob Mcgee (guitar, vocals)
Bram Glik (clarinet, tenor, flute)
Brandon Hollinger (clarinet, tenor)
Campbell Dawson (beer funnel, percussion)
Chris Matheos (bass)
Chris Que (bass)
Chris Wicks (alto sax)
Colin Gordon (alto sax)

Dan Somber (guitar)
Darrel Simmons (drums)
Darrell Scott (guitar, pedal steal, banjo, vocals)
David Harris (trombone)
David Vandevender (fiddle)
David Weinberg (percussion)
Dean Keller (tenor sax)
Derick Cummings (guitar, banjo, hand solos and unusual vocals)
Doug Moody (fiddle)
Eric Rosenthaul (drums)
Eric Telford (trumpet)
Fezz (percussion)
Glenn Dickson (clarinet)
Grant Smith (drums)
Harris Wulfson (mandolin)
Jeremy Brown (fiddle)
Jeremy Kairalla (guitar)
Jeremy Phipps (bass)
Jim Doherty (drums)
Jim Kuras (bass)
Jim Schwarz (bass)
Joe Tucker (guitar, vocals)
John Martz (banjo, dobro, vocals)
John Price (bass)
Josef Kessler (fiddle)
Josh Smith (tenor sax)
Kathy Burkly (drums)
Larry Harris (trombone)
Marc Chillemi (trumpet, scrub board)
Mark Eaton (bass, vocals)
Mark Chenevert (Clarinet, Tenor, Chef)
Mark Hardt (drums, vocals)
Matt Rubano (bass)
Mike Hastings (bass, vocals)
Mimi Rapson (fiddle)
Nicky Sanders (fiddle)
Paul Amorese (drums)
Pickle (drums)
P.J. Askey (drums)
Paul Engle (bass)
Peter Caroccio (fiddle)
Peter Fitzpatrick (guitar, vocals)
Pete Polansky (fiddle)
Ralph Rosen (marimba, harmonica, dum bek)
Richard Malcolm (tambourine)
Rick Mcrae (trombone)
Ritchie Lynch (drums)
Rob Probst (mandolin, vocals)
Rob Rudin (percussion)
Rohan Gregory (fiddle, french poetry)
Rohin Khemani (drums)
Tomoko Iwamoto (fiddle)
Tut (bass)
Wade Morse (drums)
Zachary Fleitz (bass)

Hypnotic Clambake has shared stages and events with the following artists:

Phish, Dave Matthews Band, Bela Fleck & The Flecktones, Public Enemy
Ivo Papasov & His Bulgarian Wedding Band,
Widespread Panic, Leftover Salmon,
Nathan & The Zydeco Cha-Chas,
Boozoo Chavis, Beausoleil,
Aquarium Resque Unit,
Coln. Bruce Hampton & The Figi Mariners,
Johnathan Richman, Pater Yarrow (of Peter, Paul & Mary fame),
Michelle Shocked, New Orleans Klezmer All Stars,
Burning Spear, Donna The Buffalo,Plastic Nebraska,
Perfect Thyroid, Bim Skala Bim,Tripping Daisy,
Inner Circle, The Fools, The Horseflies,The Incredible Casuals,
10,000 Maniacs, Limpopo...

That's 28 names and the list goes on...

Hypnotic Clambake (hîp•nôt'•îk klâm'•bäk') n. A band that attacks
and seeks to overthrow traditional or popular ideas
of what music is and should be. [<Orig. Boston] -v.
To listen and enjoy (they Hypnotic Clambaked as a matter of course).
Hypnotic Clambakingly (hîp•nôt'•îk klâm'•bäk'•îng`•lë) adv. -
Excitedly or energetically (they Hypnotic Clambakingly danced all night long).