*Hypnotic Clambake showcases their talent while street performing at Fanuel Hall's Quincy Market in downtown Boston. Thousands of interested tourists throw change in the hat and purchase the group's first cassette release entitled Past Lives. Within months, the band records and produces their first CD entitled Square Dance Messiah.

*Hypnotic Clambake tours in a Chevy 20 van with a U-Haul trailer across the Northeast to most every major city on the map. While building a cult following, the band also sends their material to national music magazines, newspapers, college radio stations, and alternative FM radio stations. Within months, Hypnotic Clambake has major press nationally (Rolling Stone) and is receiving radio play on a variety of stations across the country (Dr. Demento Show)

* Hypnotic Clambake is nominated at The Boston Music Awards for outstanding roots and original music act.

* The band's touring expands across the Northeast into the Midwest.
* Hypnotic Clambake's second CD entitled Gondola to Heaven is released.
*An intense six-month tour introduces the group to new fans in North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Iowa and Illinois.
* The group releases their third CD entitled Kent the Zen Master. This CD favors a more experimental period in the band's approach to creating and recording music.
*While performing in Austin, Texas, at South by Southwest, Hypnotic Clambake impresses an appreciative music agent for Barnacle Bill's, located in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Leaving the New England winter behind, the band spends a month playing music for the locals and tourists at Barnacle Bill's in the evenings while enjoying the beautiful waters of Saint Thomas in the day times.
The group goes cross-country and through Canada performing for new and larger crowds in the Rockies and on the west coast.

* Having performed in Canada the prior year at the Winnipeg Folk Festival and the Trois Revere Jazz Fest, experiencing for the first time a language barrier, the group's fiddler (Rohan Gregory) speaks his broken but appreciated French to their new and accepting audiences in the northern regions of Quebec, Canada and get invited back in 1997 to perform once again at the Trois Revere Jazz Fest.
*Hypnotic Clambake returns a few years later and is featured at the world-renowned
Montreal Jazz Festival where they receive standing ovations.
* Hypnotic Clambake hosts their first annual O.U.R. Music Festival.

*With the band's recognition expanding, Hypnotic Clambake performances compliment other national recording artist's performances at events across the North American continent.
*Frozen Live, Vol. 1 is the band's first live CD, which was recorded at shows in the Northeast, and the deep South on mobile digital recording equipment. On this CD, Clambake gives a variety of musical styles their own Hypnotic twist.
* The band is invited to perform with PHISH at the Lemon Wheel in Maine.
* Carter Beauford, the Dave Matthews Band's drummer, mentions Hypnotic Clambake on MTV as being the band that most influenced him that year while touring.
*VH-1 Jeopardy mentions Hypnotic Clambake as being one of the strangest band names in the country. ("Who is Hypnotic Clambake?")
*Hypnotic Clambake T-shirts are worn proudly on NBC's Conan O'Brien show by Preston & Hanes' Rock and Roll Comedy Circus of Death.
*National television and radio commercial spots air for several months using Clambake's material.
*In addition to numerous performances, the group begins recording their fourth studio CD to be released in the summer of 2001.
*Hypnotic Clambake's music starts to take hold in European markets with sales increasing in Italy and Belgium.
*Hypnotic Clambake takes a three year intensive study of world music. Focusing on the music of the Middle East, the music of Louisiana, and several other cultures, The group explores a variety of different approaches to the constructs of their original sound and embellishes and adds new material along with honoring the standard tunes that have given Hypnotic Clambake renowned recognition by others in the music field and audiences of all ages and nationalities.
*The band goes back into the studio and records one of their most challenging albums titled MAYONNAISE. It is a great condiment and full of fantabulous grooves. Clarinetist, Tim Hull, becomes a prominent part of Hypnotic Clambake's sound and reveals his talent as a studio engineer on the group's fifth studio CD. Hi-lighted performances in the year 2004 include: Alfred University and Saint Lawrence University. Two great learning institutions and party schools!
*Welcoming JoAnn Vaccaro to the band, JoAnn captures Hypnotic Clambake audiences attention with her high energy electric guitar performances coupled with her elegant vocal performances on such tunes as "11th Chapter Saloon" and
"Far Away Cows. "
*Amongst some of the year's highlights, Hypnotic Clambake performs live on "WRUR" FM, hosted by Scott Regan and Hypnotic Clambake's O.U.R. Music Festival celebrates it's ninth year. The group ended this year with a performance of original music to some classic silent movies from the years 1901-1928.
Hypnotic Clambake hosts and celebrates the 10year of their O.U.R. Music Festival. Highlights of this year's performances include cruising and performing in the Carribean sea. The group visits, Aruba, Jamaica, Grand Caymen, Trinadad, Cazumel, and finishes their tour with a visit to New Orleans. The group films a video of their song "EdMcWoman" and releases it on YouTube.

Hypnotic Clambake hosts and celebrates the 11th year of their O.U.R. Music Festival. Highlights of this year's performances include performing on WXXI's public broadcasting station's "ON STAGE" program released on channel 21 Rochester, NY. The group's performance at Columbia University in Chicago was well received. ASCAP rewards Hypnotic Clambake for their recorded music broacast in London, England. Many new fans and friends get in contact with the group via their MYspace page.

Hypnotic Clambake peforms in Sin City, Las Vegas at the world famous Aruba Hotel.
Members of the band enjoy performances in Indio, CA , Pala, CA, Dover DE, and the group revisits Hollywood Beach, FL to perform at the annual Hollywood Beach Clambake. The 12th annual O.U.R. Music Festival features many performers and introduced for the first time the creative display of "Broom Town." New Songs such as Rick Boadadanco, General Guiness, Garage Sailin', Rumblin', Zarrmania, and Evolve, were introduced at live shows to the audiences' delight.

Members of Hypnotic Clambake travel to Alberqurque and Santa Fe, N.M. performing several shows throughout these two great cities. Amongst other shows, Hypnotic Clambake is invited to perform at the annual Golf Championship in Corning, New York.
Clambake's accordionist & pianist, Maury Rosenberg performs in Atlanta and points around North Carolina to intimate sold out shows. Hypnotic Clambake's guitarist JoAnn Vaccaro releases a fantabulous solo album entitled, "What I Cook For You!"

Introducing new material at the 14th annual Our Fest, Maury sings his newest composition, "Don't Mess With Another Man's Skillet!" In addition, Mark's newest tune, "Coulda Been A Pladypuss" is introduced to Hypnotic Clambake fans around the country at live performances. Mean while, JoAnn's "Alien Invasion" Installation takes on audiences perception of what is real and how her UFO landing may affect us for some time to come. Tim works out new ways to improvise on various arrangements the group has performed over the years, breathing new life into some older but well appreciated Hypnotic Clambake standards. Chris creates a listening experience like no other which brings sounds together in a very untraditional way. His "Jazz Cafe" installation at this year's OUR Fest was the talk of the village, town and city!

A New Year's performance at the Wellsville Creative Arts Center was a great way to christen 2011. Performances that followed included the 15th annual O.U.R. Festival, a concert in the park in Dansville, a wild Hypnotic Halloween Bash at the Corning Country Club, a night to remember at Harry's Inn in Elmira, NY, several other wonderful concerts and before we knew what hit us, Hypnotic Clambake was doing a repeat News Year's performance at the Wellsville Creative Arts Center. Just like that...Full Circle!!

Members of Hypnotic Clambake are invited back to perform at the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino for a big Mardi Gras celebration enjoyed by audiences in the North Country. Also performing at the Ontario Barn Vinyard's wine tasting in late April was a great precursor to the 16th annual O.U.R. Fest which feature great performances by Hypnotic Clambake's friends Miche Fambro, Kinloch Nelson, Baby Gramps and Waitin' on a Train, just to mention a few. In July, the group performed under the stars at the George Eastman House's Summer Garden Vibe Concert Series. Finding their way back to Binghamton, NY, the band returned to the Cyber Cafe West for a monsterous musical mashing of notes for the locals dressed in awesome costumes. EP in the works!

Hypnotic Clambake starts the year by performing a tableside acoustic version of "The Feldmans" for fans at Sticky Lips Barbecue in Hentrietta, NY. Standing ovations followed the group's premier performance at "The Riverside Inn Music Festival" in Cambridge Springs, PA. Sharing the stage with "Big Leg Emma" at "The Choconut Inn" was another highlight of this year. "The O.U.R. Fest" moves to a new location and all who attended enjoyed a late night Barn Dance with Hypnotic Clambake members and "Stewed Mulligan". Other exceptional events the band performed at include"The Joe Down,' "Niagara Rocks Fest with "Rusted Root" and the 3rd Thursday Concert Series in Jamestown, NY.

In February, Hypnotic Clambake's accordionist (Maury Rosenberg) performs with Dick Solberg and the Sun Mountain Band at "Latitude 18" located in Saint Thomas, US Virgin Islands. While on Island, Dick is honored with the "Entertainer of Year" award by the local news paper(congradulations Dick!). During the summertime, Hypnotic Clambake plays shows with Rusted Root, David T. Carter, Mosaic Foundation, Smackdab and other great artists. Hypnotic Clambake partners with the Active Artist Alliance and Kevin Cole and celebrate their 18th annual "Outrageous Universe Revival" the first weekend of August and all who attend have a blast (special thanks to Artist Phil Cheney and Amy Worthen). Maury and David T. Carter (Australian Singer/Song Writer) play well attended duo shows throughout the Northeast. Hypnotic Clambake is featured for the first time at the J.C.C. International Jewish Film Festival. This year ends with a fantastic New Year's Eve bill with Hypnotic Clambake, Rusted Root and Sky Pilot at Rapids Theater, Niagara Falls, NY.

In April, Hypnotic Clambake performs at Letchworth Pines Bowling Alley with "Folk Face." Maury (H.C. accordionist) travels down to the Riverside Inn Music Fest with his accordion and offers a show featuring some of Hypnotic Clambake's classic tunes
(Sing-a-Long on "The Feldmans" ensues). In July, H.C. hosts their first ever "HYPNOTIC CLAMBAKE MUSIQUE FESTIVAL at the Ontario Barn Vineyards where a great time was had by all. Also in July, H.C. is invited to play at the Dansville Concert Series followed by an appearance at Rochester, New York's Jewish Film Festival. In August, The "Bake" is featured for the very first time at the Purple Pig Music Festival in Naples, NY. In September, the band is flown on a private jet to an exotic party that was unleashed in the state of Indiana (no names mentioned to protect the innocent!).


Hypnotic Clambake's single"Rick Boadadanco" is mastered and mixed by head engineer/clarinetist Tim Hull. The single is slated to be released on April 25th, 2017(National Plumber's Day). A special premier performance of the single is aired on Rochester Free Radio during a live interview that featured stories by Maury Rosenberg and JoAnn Vaccaro about Hypnotic Clambake's experience over nearly three decades of making music together. The band is invited to perform the Dansville Summer Concert Series, Rochester's Rock & Run and Cortland New York's Main Street Music Series amongst other performances throughout the year.
Hypnotic Clambake collaborates with Abilene Bar & Lounge and hosts a smashing Mardi Gras Party attracting local fans as well as fans from Hawaii (Aloha!). Other notable performances include the Hochstein Concert Series, Fairport Village Concert Series and an intimate performance at JB's Smoke House in East Rochester. Hypnotic Clambake's single "Rick Boadadanco" is released to over 300 radio stations world wide, supported by an original video of "Rick Boadadanco" on Youtube. Trombonist Rick McRae simulates a scratched 75 with a trick slide technique bringing down the house at Brookdales New Year's Eve noon ball drop!!
Hypnotic Clambake starts the year off with a concert at the "B side" in Fairport, NY. A Mardi Gras party at Abilene Bar & Lounge turns into a dance-a-thon featuring H.C. playing music from New Orleans. Celebrating their one year anniversary, The Silver Lake Brewing Company (Perry, NY) hosts a wild ride with Hypnotic Clambake supplying the Music. The Silver Lake Brewing company brings Accordionist Maury Rosenberg and Clarinetist Tim Hull back for their Dingus Day Celebration..."Polka till you Drop!". Bassist Chris Reynolds breathes fire and is arrested by local law enforcement (permit required). Accordionist Maury Rosenberg releases "The 12 Lost Compositions of Dmitry Zarkov" featuring piano and accordion works. Instead of wearing a t-shirt, Maury is seen wearing keyboards performing with the Zach Brown Tribute Band at the Suffolk Theater in Riverhead, NY. The year ends with a big New Year's bash featuring Hypnotic Clambake at the Gables of Brighton's noon ball drop!

Hypnotic Clambake performs at Frank Woshock's 65th birthday party in Gibbons Glades, PA and gets lost on the way home winding up in down town Pittsburgh..Arg! Additionally, the band performs an impromtu acousic set during a terrential down pour at Jazzberry Farm's Music Festival.They can be seen playing at both the Hochstein Concert Series followed by The Fairport Gazebo Concert Series. Three Heads Brewery has a night to remember as Maury takes the" Ant Man" solo on his accordion. The band goes into hybernation during the cold winter months found in Western, NY and prepare for the year 2020. True story!!