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Welcome to the Hypnotic Clambake photo album.

The following photos were taken over the years by various fans of Hypnotic Clambake. If you have any nice photographs of Hypnotic Clambake in action and you would like to share them with the world you may send them to us at the following email address:


Please send them in JPG format and of a reasonable size so that we may easily utilize them. Thank you!

Now on with the show!...

Special thanks to John (Pops) Dickerson for taking the photos at Nelson's Ledges Below!
Halloween Hypnotic Clambake Sign

Band Photo 1

Band Photos 2

O.U.R. Fest Photos Chris Q Drawing

Hypnotic Clambake Photos Amazing

O.U.R. Fest Photos #456

Smith Opera House

O.U.R. Fest Photos (Hypnotic Clambake and friends)

O.U.R. Fest Photos (Hypnotic Clambake Alive and Well)

O.U.R. Fest Photos (Buddhahood, Powered by Satan, and Redheaded Stepchild)

O.U.R. Fest Photos (Snake Oil Medicine Show)

O.U.R. Fest Photos (Stewed Mulligan)

Peter Yarrow with Maury and Marc

Baby Gramps!

Nelson Ledges Quarry Park

Bullwinkles, North East, PA

Bullwinkles, North East, PA 1

Bullwinkles, North East, PA 2

Bullwinkles, North East, PA 3

Bullwinkles, North East, PA 4

Bullwinkles, North East, PA 5

Bullwinkles, North East, PA 6

The Infamous Snow Clam!

A nice sunrise...

Mt. Rainier

A little celebrating in Rutland, VT

Funny Mark

A strange pool table...

Skipper's Smokehouse, Tampa, FL

Mark at Skipper's Smokehouse

Costume World #1

Costume World #2

Costume World #3

Costume World #4

Costume World #5