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Hypnotic Clambake Takes The Stage!

Imagine a world without the accordion. Some of us would love that. Unfortunately, the

band we would miss the most would be Rochester's “Hypnotic Clambake.” Their music

has been a welcome part of the Upstate, NY music scene since 1990 and

continues to find appreciative audiences throughout New York State and beyond.

Accordionist, Maury Rosenberg, originally from Long Beach, NY has performed with Yo

Yo Ma, Peter Yarrow and David Lindley. He has made Western and Upstate, NY his

stomping grounds for some of his weird, yet entertaining musical endeavors. Everything

from polkas, tangos, zydeco and klezmer music mixed with a twist of lime and an

original sound true only to the “Clambake” defines this band’s unique sonic form.

The group has enjoyed a long career performing throughout the U.S.A. and Canada.

Some performances include the Montreal Jazz Festival, Telluride Bluegrass Festival and

Milwaukee’s summer festival.

The group will be making their first premier performance at______________________,

Date______________________. Come see the only Post Bulgarian Neo-Celtic Roots Rock

band in town. Hypnotic Clambake will be in town one night only!



Here are a few quotes from radio DJs and newspaper reporters. If an article is written in your local paper regarding Hypnotic Clambake, please send it to us so we can include it in this area.

"Dear 'Bakers,

A great big KFIR thank you for sending over your CD's, the LIVE one especially! This CD is an excellent example of why I have to keep the CD rack locked up. Those stinking little interns will steal anything good, and I would have stolen this one when I was a stinking little intern, that's for sure!

In keeping with our practice of playing the entire CD, we have been mixing your tracks in since last week, and the listener response is VERY positive...." - Kevin Hoult, A&R, KFIR, 102.1 FM, Seattle, WA

"There's a lot to like about Hypnotic Clambake's sound. The Quartet, led by accordionist/singer Maury Rosenberg, is adept at weaving together a multitude of styles: klezmer, zydeco, bluegrass, country, blues, tango and indie-rock all turn up..." - Bill Meyer, Option Magazine, Music Alternatives

"Speaking of unusual, a Doctor in Berlin likened this band to a "bar-mitzvah on acid" and that's about as close as one is going to come. Which is okay; let's not try to pigeonhole this band, by any means. Defining a thing puts limits on it and Hypnotic Clambake should have no boundaries. "Bulgarian Boogie" alone should tell us that..." - Doug Treadway, Night Flying Magazine, News of Records

"On "Kent The Zen Master" Hypnotic Clambake embodies the new American man: he's wordly, tuned in, unplugged and hears the music of the world in his head. Hypnotic Clambake has struck again, and the group's archetypical leading man sums up it's whole attitude: make music, play well, have fun. The band members play tag with klezmer, play hide-and-seek with swing, drum like Arabs, sing like Okies, and blow and squeeze like the Count Basie Big Band. They are firmly tongue and cheek, maybe too clever for some folks who don't want to listen, but they are never predictable, never boring, and certainly caustic." - Ciff Furnald - CMJ Journal, New Music Report

"On "Square Dance Messiah", this way-ecclectic Boston-based spoofenanny rips a psychoklezmatic swath across the sacred folk sounds of many nations. If ever a reason existed to venture into this neck of the nightlife, these cross-cultural zanies are probably it." - Gehr - The Village Voice

"Thank god there are still people out there with a sense of humor. Musicians who not only have a grasp of the technicalities, but also a grasp of the absurdity of our situation in the world." - Cliff Furnald - CMJ, New Music Reort

"Overall, a great mix of influences and songs on the album. Off the wall and quirky lyrics make the Clambake way hypnotic!" - Peter Kernast, WTSR.

"If you want to twist your brain around some truely new sounds, check out the Clambake. It's guaranteed to be an ear-opening experience." - Matt Laurence, Boston Rock.

"Very groovy, very fine melody lines. It is really fun to watch these weird-looking guys weave their weird-sounding ditties. Hypnotic Clambake is terrific." - Betty Badoomba, The Noise, Rock Around Boston.

"More, more, for god's sake give me more! Yeehaw!" - Amy Nordahl, GTE.

"Hypnotic Clambake is a band which believes in fun music and should be taken in large doses." - Bruce Baker, Dirty Linen.