"The best fans in the world and Hypnotic Clambake loves you!!"

Stay in touch with the band:
Visit the band's facebook page at...https://www.facebook.com/hypnoticclambake

This information is not set in stone, and there are always changes with live concerts. Please make sure to check with the venue or with Hypnotic Clambake's office (585-271-5069) about times, dates, age restrictions, and anything else you might be curious about. Also, dates are always being added!! Invite the band to your next party.
They are easy to book and alot of fun!


585-351-4388 (Solomon Rose MSR Management 9am-5pm e.s.t.)

Tapers protecting their equipment during "The Feldmans"- Fingerlakes Grassroots Festival - 1995

Tapers protecting their equipment during "The Feldmans"- Fingerlakes Grassroots Festival.

Hypnotic Clambake condones and even encourages the audio taping of their shows. Sometimes we may even be able to accomodate those of you that are taping with a home deck, most certainly we will accomodate you if you are using a portable deck and bring all of your neccesary cables with you. If you would prefer a soundboard patch, please arrive at the club or venue very early in order to get your connections straigtened out with the sound company.

Please, no video recording without prior band permission!

Hypnotic Clambake recordings are for trading and personal use only,
please do not attempt to sell or otherwise profit from recordings of Hypnotic Clambake shows!