Frozen Live, Vol. 1

1. Smokin' Joe Clark
2. Zyde Coo Coo
3. Ant Man
4. Pork Brains
5. Tie Dye
6. Q's Impersonation
7. Freedom Jazz Dance
8. Dan Tucker Revived
9. Black Wedding
10. Raw Hide
11. 4:21 Breakdown
12. Niagara Falls

Charged by some of the most wonderful audiences in the country, Hypnotic Clambake returns an energetic and fiery performance on their first live release entitled Frozen Live. Recorded on state of the art equipment, the quality of this CD is an A+. This release is an excellent sample of the band's 1996 North American tour. Frozen Live truly captures the spirit of Hypnotic Clambake's ardent live shows.

$12.00 each