Kent the Zen Master

1. Kent the Zen Master
2. Tra La La
3. When Your Mother Knows
the Name of a Band
4. 100 Volts
5. 11th Chapter Saloon
6. The Philosopher
7. 20 Cent Coupon
8. Arachnids (are taking over the planet!)
9. Chlorinated Pool Music
10. Bisexual Military
11. Fiddle Man
12. Up in that Tree
13. Oh Susannah

This, being Hypnotic Clambake's third release is full of wonderful horn arrangements that meld into the many different styles this CD delivers. Considered to be one of the bands most experimental and well produced albums, "Kent the Zen Master" can be enjoyed by both the avid Jazz listener and rock and roller. Maury Rosenberg once again has produces a thrilling and entertaining ride for his eclectic listening audience.

$12.00 each