1. 500 Robots
2. Trouble
3. Psychedelic Polka
4. Beans
5. Windows
6. Man With The Face O
n The Side
7. Scheme of Things
8. Turn Your Brain Off
9. Danger Mouse
10. Just A Mountain
11. Woe Is Me
12. Clambake

In the scheme of things,
Hypnotic Clambake's newest release, "Mayonnaise," successfully visits pop culture and unleashes a pure, sonic, sound experience that rocks the hum-drum of daily life on the planet as we know it! It also serves as an excellent condiment on your next sandwich!
Full of irresistible grooves and lyrics, this album explores life, robots, the daily grind, hope, refrigerators, and the integrity of humanity. Get ready to be exposed to a new way of thinking about nothing and everything!

$15.00 each