1. Odessa Bulgar/Maldavian Tants (Trad Klezmer)
2. Miserlou (Horalou) (Trad. Greek)
3. Sheyibone Beis Hamikdosh (Prayer)
4. A Nakht in Gan Eydn (Kandel's Orchestra)
5. Cuando el Rey Nimrod (Sephardic)
6. El Comanchero (Latin - Klez. arranged by NYKO)
7. Alter Sher (Trad. Klezmer)
8. Yossel Yossel Yossel (Yiddish Theater)

Bonus Live Tracks
Cuando el Rey Nimrod
Russian Ballerina

Enjoy the new CD from one of Maury's side projects, the
New York Klezmer Orchestra!!

This new CD was recorded with the highest quality digital recording equipment available. Live performances were also added at the end of this CD from the groups premiere performance at the Smith Opera House in Geneva, NY. Over 40 minutes of great Klezmer music! Purchase it now on our secure online site which accepts most major credit cards below!

$15.00 each