Live at First Night in Rutland, Vermont
That's right folks we're offering our 1999 New Years Eve show on CD! Actually the show takes up 2 CD's. It was recorded at First Night in Rutland Vermont, December 31, 1999. This show is A+ quality and has a total of 22 songs. The songs have been mastered and broken into separate tracks. All of the songs are in the order they were performed and are otherwise untouched. The CD's come in white paper sleeves with a clear plastic window. The CD's themselves are labeled with the songs as you can see in the scans of them. These CD's will be burned on and order by order basis.

CD 1
1. Yossel
2. Niagara Falls
3. Black Wedding
4. Bulgarian Boogie
5. Pork Brains
6. Zyde Coo Coo
7. Borderline
8. Joe Pete
9. Fathers Nigun
10. Ant Man
11. Cut Out the Pain
12. Square Dance Messiah
13. Weg Wie Ein Agyptisches

CD 2
1. Russian Ballerina
2. Fool in Love
3. Old Dan Tucker
4. Malaka
5. 2001
6. Hava-Tequila
7. Chef Mobies Gumbo Gator
8. Ed McWoman
9. The Feldmans

$18.00 per 2 disc set