Square Dance Messiah

1. Square Dance Messiah
2. Chef Mobie's Gumbo Gator
3. Fate
4. Ozone
5. Old Dan Tucker
6. Reverence
7. Russian Ballerina
8. Ant Man
9. Cut Out the Pain
10. Rasta Cyborg
11. In the Middle
12. Bulgarian Boogie
13. Past Lives
14. Old Joe Clark
15. A Message From Mother
16. The Feldmans

The selections on this Compact Disc were created in 1990 by some of Boston, Massachusetts' most eclectic, adventurous, and creative musicians. Combining many different elements of traditional music (Middle Eastern, Eastern European, Bulgarian, Klezmer,Cajun and Zydeco) and contemporary music (Rock, Blues, Jazz, Reggae, Ska, Funk, and Rap), Hypnotic Clambake's "SQUARE DANCE MESSIAH" delivers an energetic and well formed musical experience for the music listener looking for a change of pace.

$12.00 each