Varicose Brain


1. Fool in Love (Click for song Real Audio)
2. Ed McWoman
3. Malaka (Click for song Real Audio)
4. Drip
5. Gravy Lumps (Click for song Real Audio)
6. San Francisco Reel
7. Redneck with a Time Machine
8. Truck Driving Bill
9. Mad Cow (Click for song Real Audio)
10. What?
11. Big Black Eyes
12. Varicose Brain (Click for song Real Audio)
13. Kalamazoo

After four years of working deep in the woods of Massachusetts with some of North America's finest musicians and producers, Hypnotic Clambake has come through with a strong mix of new original music on their new CD entitled Varicose Brain. Like their first three CD's, Varicose Brain incorporates the band's eclectic vision with top-notch virtuosic performances. According to band leader Maury Rosenberg, this new CD promises to be a listening experience unlike any other. "I've been waiting to make an album like this all my life." said Rosenberg. "I feel that we were able to capture the spirit of traditional roots music, while utilizing the best that technology has to offer, such as, digital editing and sampling. We had a lot of fun making this CD, and we hope you have fun listening to it."

$15.00 each